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Last date of Registration for MAH MCA CET 2019 is 22/02/2019
MAH MCA CET 2019 online Exam is on

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Syllabus for MAH-MCA-CET : The Online CET would be comprised of two online papers vis, General Aptitude (GA) and Computer Concepts (CC) of 100 marks each, with composite time of 90 minutes duration.


1. General Aptitude : The question in this paper will cover :

logical reasoning,
quantitative reasoning,
high school mathematics,
vocabulary, English comprehension, verbal ability

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2. Computer Concepts : The question in this paper will cover :
Computer Basics, Data Representation,
Computer Architecture, Computer Language,
Operating System Basics



Mathematics :
The questions will cover the following topics of high school mathematics (up to the 12th standard)
Algebra: Fundamental operations in Algebra, Expansion, factorization, Quadratic equations, indices, logarithms, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions, binomial theorem, permutations and combinations.
Co-ordinate  Geometry:  Rectangular Cartesian co-ordinates, equations of a  line,  mid point, intersections  etc., equations of a circle, distance formulae,  pair of straight lines, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola, simple geometric transformations  such  as  translation, rotation, scaling.
Differential Equations: Differential equations of first order and their solutions,  linear differential   equations   with   constant   coefficients,   homogenous   linear   differential
Trigonometry: Simple identities, trigonometric equations, properties of triangles, solution of triangles, height and distance, inverse function.
Probability and Statistics: Basic concepts of probability theory, Averages, Dependent and independent events, frequency distributions and measures of dispersions, skewness and kurtosis, random variable and distribution functions, mathematical expectations,
Binomial, Poisson, normal distributions, curve fitting and principle of least squares, correlation and regression.
Arithmetic: Ratios and proportions, problems on time-work, distance-speed, percentage etc.
Basic Set Theory and Functions: Set, relations and mappings.
Mensuration:  areas, triangles and quadrilaterals,  area  and circumference of circles,
volumes and surface areas of simple solids such as cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones.

Computer Concepts :  

Computer Basics : Organization of a computer, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Structure of instructions in CPU, input / output devices, computer memory, memory organization, back-up devices.

Data Representation : Representation of characters, integers, and fractions, binary and hexadecimal representations, Binary Arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, signed arithmetic and two’s complement arithmetic, floating point representation of numbers, normalized floating point representation, Boolean algebra, truth tables, Venn diagrams.
Computer Architecture : Block structure of computers, communication between processor and I / O devices, interrupts.
Computer Language : Assembly language and high level language, Multiprogramming and time sharing operating systems, Computer Programming in C
Operating System basics : Multiprogramming and time sharing operating systems







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